Are You Listening to Your Employees? 

06.03.19 05:52 PM Comment(s) By Rob Dunning

Has this ever happen to you as a HR professional? 

You’ve been tasked with developing robust corporate wellness programs at your company. You do your due diligence including looking at top claim drivers, you settle on a few targeted wellness classes. After rolling out the programs with initial hype you notice employees not utilizing them like you expected. 

What happened?! 

Often a key ingredient missing in developing effective corporate wellness programs is taking time to listen and involve the stakeholders these programs are intended to help…your employees. To aid developing actionable and high utilized wellness programs, we can borrow methodologies often used by our cross functional partners in Product and R&D called Design Thinking. By involving employees in the process, you’re taking a human-centered solution base approach to understand, explore, and materialize tailored programs that specifically meet your employee demographic needs. Done right, this leads to actionable programs with higher utilization. One large company utilized design thinking to overhaul a underutilized maternity management program. The result; a lower cost but higher quality program with first year participation increase of 12x! 


Rob Dunning

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