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Personal Wellness, Taylor Made 

Wellness & well-being is a personal journey unique to each individual. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or something completely different, we are committed to supporting you! Taylor Made Wellness offers personal trainer services to help you build a fitness and nutrition plan you can commit to!  We provide written fat loss and mass gain nutrition plans customized to fit your needs.  We also offer personal gym membership at our fitness center where you can work out at your desired time.

What We Do 

1:1 Personal Training 

Don't go it alone! We understand fitness & health is extremely personal. Sign up to work with our personal trainers and get a tailored program to fit your goals and health needs. 

Gym & Class Packages 

Need a place to work out or just drop in on a fitness class? Our downtown gym is the place to be! Before or after-work, make Taylor Made Wellness your personal gym.  

Meal Prep Plan Options 

We partner with Moto Cafe in Indianapolis to provide healthy meal prep options. Place your order with us and you will have hassle free meals ready for pick-up!

Personal Training ready to support your fitness goals

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​Hire A Personal Trainer!

Taylor Made Wellness is currently accepting new personal training clients at our location or as a virtual personal trainer. Reach out today and ask about personal training services! 

Taylor Made Transformation Stories 

Alan G

Kim Stoner 

"I learned the tools I needed to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into a long term, sustainable plan."


Cheryl Reed 

"Kelsey was devious. She let me warm to the gym"

Alan G

Allen G. 

Throughout 2019, Allen dropped over 90 pounds working out with us at Taylor Made Wellness!

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Call us today to sign up for a gym membership and receive your first week free!

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