Ezra's Enlighten Cafe Adds Taylor Made Wellness Gym Discount For Enlighten Your Plate Members 

12.12.19 04:38 PM Comment(s) By Rob Dunning

Healthy eating and physical fitness go hand-in-hand! 

Taylor Made Wellness is excited to announce a partnership with Gaia Chef Audrey Barron and Ezra’s Enlighten Café that provides their Enlighten Your Plate Members a discount at Taylor Made Wellness.

Enlighten Your Plate is a membership program offered by Ezra’s Café that makes plant-based eating more convenient, and more affordable. At $9.99 per month Enlighten Your Plate members receive café discounts, access to their members-only grocery program, and now a $10 monthly discount on Taylor Made Wellness gym memberships! You read it right! While  an active member of Enlighten Your Plate, your Taylor Made Wellness 24/7 Gym Membership is only $25 per month!

You can sign up for an Enlighten Your Plate Membership HERE.

* Discount can't be combined with any other Taylor Made Wellness discounts. 

** Discount applies to Taylor Made Wellness Personal Gym Memberships only. 

*** Must be actively enrolled as a Enlighten Your Plate Membership to receive the Taylor Made Wellness Gym Discount.  


About Ezra’s Enlighten Café:

Ezra’s Enlightened Café creates and serves food that makes you feel good. We are a dairy-free, processed sugar-free, GMO-Free and gluten-free café. Our café is located at 6516 Ferguson Street, Indianapolis, IN. Call 317-255-3972 for more information.

About Taylor Made Wellness:

Taylor Made Wellness provides corporate, community, and personal wellness solutions tailored for maximum impact. We also operate a 24/7 membership base fitness center at 1000, E. Market Street, Indianapolis IN. Reach out to Kelsey Taylor at KelseyT@TaylorMadeWellnessindy.com to discuss a Taylor Made Wellness Gym Membership today! 

Rob Dunning

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