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Does your company health plan include Prime Fitness? If so, eligible employees now have unlimited access to our downtown Indianapolis gym...
Rob Dunning
06.17.20 02:52 PM - Comment(s)
Excited to be part of Elevator Hill Indianapolis Transformation 
We have such a great community in Indianapolis! It truly is a city on the rise. Our city is quickly becoming the key hot-spot for all types of business to locate and utilize the top notch talent in the area! Our friends at the IBJ this week wrote about the up and coming Elevator Hill campus
Kelsey Taylor
07.31.19 09:26 AM - Comment(s)
Are You Listening to Your Employees? 

Has this ever happen to you as a HR professional? 

You’ve been tasked with developing robust corporate wellness programs at your company. You do your due diligence including looking at top claim drivers, you settle on a few targeted wellness classes. After rolling out the programs with initial h...

Rob Dunning
06.03.19 05:52 PM - Comment(s)